1874 Grasshopper plague and the Clay County Fair

The May 1950 issue of the Iowa State Historical Society's Palimpsest is all about the Clay County Fair.  It has a lot of great pictures and stories that reflect life from the time of the first Clay County Fair in Spencer, Iowa in 1871 through May 1950.  Here are a couple of pictures from this issue, the first, a diploma awarded to Mrs. Jane Auringer for the "best tomato and muskmelon sauces" (I haven't had a muskmelon sauce, have you?  Do you have a recipe?) and the bottom is a picture of farmers seeking aid from a grasshopper plague in 1874.

There are several pictures of people who  apparently were pretty well known  in Clay County.  Unfortunately, again, there are no names tied to the pictures.  I believe one of them is Roy Webb, my son's g-g-grandfather, but I cannot be sure (top left?).  Does anyone recognize the men in the photo collage below?


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