Countdown to the National Genealogy Society Conference...19 days til I leave!

Yes, I know the NGS Conference doesn't start til the 28th, but there is still so much to do!  I need to plan my strategy for the family history library, so I can go straight there when I arrive on the Saturday previous to the conference.  Then, what to do Sunday?  Enjoy a tour of Salt Lake?  Stay locked in my room pouring over class choices for the conference?  Load up with carbs so I can research for extended hours?  (would that really work anyway???)  I"ve also signed up for the BYU Conference on Computerized Family History and Genealogy which will be the 26th and 27th of April (prior to the NGS Conference).

I spent the weekend going over research and comparing notes and family history stories to information available on gravestones.  One would hope they would come close to matching, but noooooooo.  But that, my friends, is one of the many joys of researching your family history:  uncovering mysteries, solving puzzles, discovering as close to the truth as you can come from 200 hundred years away.


  1. Have fun! I'm jealous (but I hope to find consolation at FGS in Knoxville).


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