Great Article in NGS Quarterly about Nebraska Research!

My first issue of the National Genealogical Society Quarterly arrived in the mail last week and the information could not have been more timely!  I am digging through Hansens who married Hansens who married Hansens and, of course, they all seemed to be named Hans!  :-)

Roberta King of Lakewood, Colorado has a 40 page article on "Research in Nebraska" covering just about everything you would need to know to begin your research in this expansive state.  I admit, on my many trips between Colorado and Iowa for the past 30+ years, Nebraska has been my 'auto-pilot' state I always drove through at night.  It wasn't until I began studying my husband's family and went on a daylight trip to St. Paul, Nebraska that I discovered there were so many interesting historical places to stop! I am saddened that I will miss the Nebraska Genealogical Society's 2010 Conference this weekend in Norfolk, close to where I need to do research! But my time and effort are focused on going to Salt Lake.  Maybe the Nebraska group will sell tapes?

Ms. King has listed several Museums, Historical Societies and libraries I would not have thought held other information.  For instance, the Nebraska State Historical Society library in Lincoln holds business records of the Burlington Railroad.  The Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer holds historical collections of Hall County, central Nebraska and the Great Plains as well as family histories.

So much to do before the NGS Conference, so little time...!