Here a Jones, there a Jones, everywhere a Jones - Jones (yes, it appears they may have intermarried or maybe just married other Jones families?).  Today I am researching the Jones family of these southern counties of Iowa:  Wayne, Harrison and Pottawattamie.

I must admit I have been putting this research off.  It is hard.  ( Do I hear a collective, 'ahhhh, poor baby'? )
Yet in many ways I have a head start.  A researcher from Des Moines, Larry Allan, (who is now deceased) spent years researching this particular Jones family.  And since he was a writer for the Iowa Genealogical Society at one point, he actually documented his research.  Another researcher, Torrence Allen Weisshaar wrote a book "Descendants of William Jones of North Carolina & Kentucky, with Allied Families in Indiana & Iowa" that details land records, bible records and family correspondence.

I have already started family group sheets, erased everything and started all over again. has really assisted with solving some questions.  A BIG THANK YOU to all those who contribute to sites like that so remote researchers can find info.  Prairie Trails Museum in Corydon, Wayne County, Iowa  also found many family group sheets and research from those who married into the Jones family.  My cousin Tracy from Whispering Breezes Cabins on Lake Rathbun (a great place to stay if you're down in that area!)  has even helped out with pictures from the Jones Family Cemetery near Corydon.
Old Church at the Jones Cemetery in Wayne County, Iowa

What I have found particularly intriguing is that this side of the family married a "Rife" and my cousin here in Colorado is getting ready to marry a "Rife" from Missouri.  Hmmmm, I wonder if we are related?  A project for another time.