Multiple Spellings Milburn - Millburn - Milbourn - Milbourne - Millbourn - etc

Wow, so many spellings for an English name!  Today I'm researching my mother's paternal line, descended from Jeremiah Milburn (or a similar spelling) (1780 - 1852)  and wife Sarah Smith (1785 - 1856).  Jeremiah brought his family from Stanhope County, England to somewhere near Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick in the 1800s.

In 2002 I took my sister to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to do a little genealogy research on the Milburns.  Ok, I may have misled my sister into thinking it was a lighthouse tour vacation, but we managed to do both!

A Canadian researcher put me in touch with a cousin who still lived at Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick in the old family home. (Unfortunately I can not find those pictures.)  I sat on her porch and thought how wonderful it would be to live there.  The cousin said...'just wait til winter hits, it won't be so nice'. I guess the home had no central heat - just a fireplace.  But romantic that I am, I still found that attractive.

My line of Milburns ended up in Appanoose County, Iowa.  I thought today I would start back up with Jeremiah and trace the other lines of descendants.  It didn't take long to find a famous poet in the line of cousins!  I was thrilled!  Jessica Nelson North was married to the great grandchild of Jeremiah Milburn. Ok, so she isn't a BLOOD Milburn, but she married one! Cool!  She is famous for the little poem:

I had a little tea party
this afternoon at three.
Twas very small,
three guests in all,
I, Myself, and Me!


  1. Hi,
    I am also descended from Jeremiah and Sarah Milburn, through their daughter Elizabeth. Would be happy to share what I have.


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