Postcard Holiday Greetings & "Good Post Card Resolutions"

There are so many great articles in these Palimpsests and soon, I will no longer have them.  (spring cleaning, don't ya know!)  It is snowing this morning in Colorado, at the end of April, and so a little article on holidays matches my mood!

The December 1967 issue is all about postcards and their history.
The author, William J. Petersen writes:  "Of particular concern to the historian is the work of that little known band of German photographers who visited hundreds of Iowa communities and left posterity a rich pictorial legacy.  Their arrival in a community was rarely announced but issues of "The Palimpsest" featuring Davenport, Dubuque, Bedford, Shenandoah, and Emmetsburg are illustrative of the fact that nothing apparently escaped their eagle eyes.  The historical record of the Hawkeye State would be poor indeed were it not for these gifted German artists. Their pictorial contribution, like the various holiday postcards reproduced herein, enliven and enrich the Iowa scene.

Mr. Petersen also included a "Credo" from Hobbies Magazine:
"Good Post Card Resolutions
1.  I will have more respect for my collection of cards - I will keep them clean and undamaged, in a dry bug-proof place, and will examine them occasionally.
2.  I will strive to be more of a connoisseur and less of a pack rat in my collecting
3. I will remember that it is better to give than to receive, and will cut down on my 'hoss-trading' tendencies when exchanging.
4.  I will use my cards and share the pleasure of them with others more.
5.  I will file and arrange my cards in a way convenient for my using them.
6.  I will think about planning a future home for my cards, and not leave them to the mercy of an unappreciative, or untutored person."

Wow! That person really LOVED their postcard collection, huh!