"Shriners Invade Des Moines" Feb 1899 & The Iowa Corn Song

I'm having fun reading these old Palimpsests! This one from May 1963 is all about "Temples of the Mystic Shrine in Iowa"
One of the many stories about the Shriners is this one from February 15, 1899 where it is said the Des Moines Register proclaimed: 

Took possession of it early Wednesday and Hung 
on til Daylight Today
Had a Parade That was Immense and Made 133 Candidates 
Walk the Hot Sands
Began a Banquet at the Savery at 1 o'clock This Morning
and Made Speeches Til Sunrise"

Another story from June 1921 tells:
"Bands from all sections of the country played favorite selections, but the Iowa Corn Song became the prime favorite and could be heard on almost every corner.  The popularization of the Iowa Corn Song on a national scale grew out of the Shrine Conclave held in Des Moines in 1921."


  1. I remember my mother singing this song from time to time. She was from Iowa and was born in 1932. How cool that you have this song here.

  2. I remember going to the Iowa State Fair in the late 1950s and watching Bill Riley in the old KRNT studios (or was it WHO?) We would always sing the Iowa Corn Song. Great memories indeed!


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