Getting Back in the Groove

My son, Nicholas Webb, playing his patron saint in a high school Christmas play, 1997.
 Several months have passed since my last posting and I apologize.  An accident at work has left me in constant pain, not serious, but annoying & distracting.  A huge layoff at my company will also leave me as the only employee in this city (home office is in another state).  I thank God for the continued employment. 

The anniversaries of my son’s death, his birthday and ‘name day’ have passed.  Christmas is upon us and his memory is filling my heart.  Time to get back to researching family history!

So...biggest news in the past months is that I submitted my dna to Family Tree DNA for the Family Finder test, also called the 'Autosomal' test.  I just got my results back this week and have already broken down one of my brick walls.  Of course, it is not on the IRISH side, but that's ok...I'll take what I can get!  If only more people from each of the surnames in my family tree would get tested so we could get more matches!  I actually had a dream that I won the lotto and went to Ireland and said 'if you're last name is Hanlon, Brady, O'Connell, Ross or Clancy I'll pay you $500 to get your dna tested!'  How disturbing is that!  ha ha  I AM obsessed with family history!!

I have promised so many of my relatives family trees for Christmas...thank goodness I didn't tell them in which YEAR this Christmas present would be!