Surname Saturday: Edward Dwyer Maloney

Yes, Merry Christmas to everyone!  Baby Jesus' birthday has been celebrated, Santa has delivered presents, and massive amounts of food have been consumed in celebration. 

Now...back to genealogy research!  :-)  As you can imagine, I'm just a whole lot of fun at family get togethers!

Well, today's surname issue is really a question.  Who was Joseph Maloney's son?
Joseph Maloney is my 2nd cousin once removed, descended from Susan Brady who was my great grandmother's niece. Susan married Andrew Maloney and left Jones County, Iowa for the big city of Chicago, Illinois. 

Joseph's 1952 obituary states:  "Joseph F. Maloney of 2723 W. 66th street, husband of the late Bessie [Payton? Paxton?] Maloney, father of Edward Dwyer, son of Susan Maloney, brother of Bessie Schultz and Cele Long...."

In the 1920 Census, Bessie is listed as Elizabeth C and is living with Joseph, his mother along with his sisters and uncle.  No mention of a child.

In the 1930 census, it is just Bessie and Joseph.  This census shows Age at First Marriage, but it appears Bessie and Joseph are each other's first marriage and they have only been married 9 years.  By this time Joseph is 45 and Bessie is 40.  Could they have add Edward after 1930?  yes, I know it is possible, but did they?  Oh HURRY UP 1940 Census!!!

And with this big IRISH family you would think someone besides me might be interested in them?  Where are you Chicago Irish?  Where are you hiding your family history research?