Military Monday: Sgt Dean Busse 1943

This summer has been filled with working (for pay) or working on genealogy.  A couple weeks ago we made a quick trip up to Julesburg, Sedgwick County, Colorado to visit relatives and pay a visit to the newspaper office.  The Julesburg Advocate is not available online (except for the years 1898 and 1899).  Thank goodness for my little Flip-Pal mobile scanner!  The newspaper had all the original newspapers in their basement and I was able to go to the birth, marriage and death dates of relatives and find some info.

Sergeant Dean Busse was the pride and joy of a hard working farm family in Julesburg, Colorado.  The hopes and dreams of his parents were with him.  He was the only one of his sibling to attend High School, where he became class president.  And after enlistment he rose quickly to Sergeant.  Mystery still surrounds his death in an airplane crash off Australia during the Second World War.