Talented Tuesday: Lineages By Luana

As much as I fancy myself a knowledgeable researcher and genealogist, I do know my areas of weakness, and the biggest one with genealogy is microfilm and microfiche.  The thought of sitting at one of those microfilm readers looking through roll after roll of records makes my arm start to hurt and my eyes go blurry.

What's a person to do?  Well, I just signed up for the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy's Jamuary 2012 conference and this time I am determined to be organized and have a plan.  To that end I decided to start my "List of things to research" now, instead of procrastinating til the last moment (again).  That would mean, however, facing that dreaded microfilm reader.

To the rescue, Luana Darby of Lineages by Luana.  I had met Luana when we were both students in a research class at the Salt Lake Institute in 2007.  I was impressed with her enthusiasm and knowledge of the vast diversity of records available at the Family History library in Salt Lake.  So I sent her an email, and started a little google doc spreadsheet with a couple of the records I needed and  VOILA!  In a day or two I had filled in quite a few records I 'desperately' needed and she had copied them back to me. 

Talented for sure, Luana is my nominee for 'Talented Tuesday' in genealogy research!