Tombstone Tuesday: Baby's Graves in Des Moines, Iowa, Christa and Benjamin Frederick

I continue to search for news archives for the Des Moines Register and Tribune, with no luck.  What I can find, however, are articles from Des Moines of national interest thanks to Google's news archives.

As I scanned articles relating to cemeteries in Des Moines, I came across this heartbreaking news story of a couple who's 2 babies had died of a lung disease.  The father was serving in the military, the young mother, having no money, just wanted to make 2 gravestones for her babies graves. This article comes from the Pittsburg Press, October 8, 1972

This article from the Montreal Gazette, October 5, 1972, expands further on the story of this poor family.  I wonder how this story ever ended?


  1. I just called Glendale Cemetery and they have no way of verifying whether the children ever got gravestones without actually walking out to the graves. They did say they are buried here: Block 14 Sec B 85, 54.

    There is a photo of Benjamin's grave at this location:

    I also checked FindAGrave but there were no entries for either of the children.


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