Funeral Card Friday: Marion Herald Milburn (1916-1928)

I do not have a source for this obituray; it was a handwritten note I found in family papers many years ago. 

"Marion Milburn, son of Joe and Nellie Milburn, was born at Mystic,Iowa July 8, 1916 and as a growing boy was steadily developing an increasing interest in both school and church.  He had determined that he would make the eighth grade in school without missing and until his final sickness had only missed a half day which was for his grandmother Milburn's funeral.

He had been a regular attendant of Sunday school and was confirmed with the Methodist-Episcopal church March 6, 1927, being fully received into full (illegible) the following March 25th.  He has been active in the Junior Apworth League holding different offices and at the last being First Vice President.  And the records of the church show his devotion in a larger way.  His daily life at home and  with the boys and girls as well as with the older folks confirmed his confessions of a Christian life.

He was first taken sick about two weeks ago and rapidly developed a critical case of pneumonia and after much severe suffering the liberating hand of death claimed him Friday evening, March 16, 1928 at the age of 11 years, 8 months and 5 days.  He is survived by his parents, his grandfather, W.M. Morlan of Mystic, two brothers, and three sisters, Enzely F. of Blakesburg, Iowa, USA, and Mrs. Mamie Abbott of Exline, Iowa, USA, Fred of Ardenvoir, Washington and Esther and Marie at home and many more distant relatives." 

I took this picture of his gravestone on one of my many trips to Mystic, Appanoose County, Iowa.  (Feel free to copy).