Sunday's Obituary: Andrew Parrott (1861-1915) Iowa

Certainly any death is very sad and has an impact on the family, but this story of Andrew Parrott from Sumner, Bremer County, Iowa, tugged at my heart.

Andrew Parrott was born in December 1861 in Worthington, Dubuque County, Iowa the son of Leven Parrott and Amanda Williams.  He married Elsie Irene Parrott in 1889 (yes, that is also her maiden name - I have not confirmed how or if they were related).

Andrew's wife had died in 1910.  On Monday, January 25th, 1915, Andrew Parrott was injured and died the following morning. According to the Sumner Gazette "A sad accident occurred at the big freight platform just north of Second street, Monday evening, when Andrew Parrott received an injury that resulted in his death Tuesday morning.....Mr. Parrott was a widower, and had kept his children together in their home since the death of the mother about six or seven years ago. [MidwestAncestree's note:  actually only 5]  He was a kind hearted and inoffensive man, and it is hard to believe that he would be the aggressor in any altercation.  There is much sympathy among our people for his family."
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 A coroner's jury was impaneled and found the death to have been accidental:
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