I love this guy! Ron Tanner-Product Manager New Family Tree

Ron Tanner, Product Manager, New Family Tree at familysearch.org
RootsTech 2012 is concluding today, and they definitely saved the best for last!  If you ever dreamed (genealogically speaking) about the PERFECT genealogy tool where everyone could contribute, discuss, receive notifications, correct and see a history of corrections and have it all SOURCED, well...it is coming THIS YEAR, and GUESS WHAT ?  IT IS FREE!  Product Manager for the new family tree at FamilySearch.org, Ron Tanner gave a presentation on many of the new features and abilities of the new family tree at his presentation this morning.

Ron Tanner is hilarious and a visionary.  They are working with affiliate vendors so we don't have to retype all the hard work we have already done.  AND Ron Tanner is accepting BETA TESTERS for this new service.  He even told everyone who wants to be a beta tester to send him an email: tannerr at familysearch dot org.

The AncestryInsider did a great post on Ron Tanner when he became the product manager.  

Although I attended the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy last week to work on my own family history, RootsTech is a great conference for techies and newbies alike to learn and discuss all the technical resources available to us genealogy obsessed individuals.  Thank you to RootsTech for making so many of their presentations available online and for free.