Black Sheep Sunday: "Kills Bride of Three Months"; Fulton, Missouri

Perry Daily Chief, The | Perry, Iowa | Friday, September 23, 1921 | Page 1
Today I have been going through old Perry, Iowa newspapers from the early 1900s.  I came across a small article of a man who killed his father, then later, killed his wife and himself; the story's dateline was Fulton, Missouri.     There was no memorial to his family, and it pains me to see victims forgotten.  This particular "black sheep" is not in my family tree.

May the family rest in peace.

"Earnest Sission, 27, last night show and killed his bride of three months, Susan Sission, 22.   The shooting took place as the result of a quarrel, according to the report of neighbors.  Sission then turned the gun on himself.  He died about an hour later.  His bride was show three times in the abdomen and once in the head.  Sission shot and killed his father in 1917 at Bowling Green, Missouri, and was recently discharged from the State Hospital after an observation term, according to authorities."