Mystery Monday: John Hanlon disappears from view 'as if engulfed by the earth'! 1896

Don't you miss the sensational headlines of old?   The headline in the Racine Journal, Racine, Wisconsin on Thursday April 30th, 1896 read:

A Mysterious Case

John Hanlon, a Grocery Clerk, Missing for a Week.

Disappeared from View as if Engulfed By the Earth

Police Make a Searching Investigation but Fail to Locate Him - Sequel to the Sudden Disappearance of J. McLaren.

Thank goodness they find John a week later with no reason ever given for his sudden disappearance.  Both articles are below. [to any relatives of mine reading this, this does not appear to be one of 'our' John Hanlons].

Thanks again to for the newspaper clippings.
Racine Journal | Racine, Wisconsin | Thursday, April 30, 1896 | Page 1
Racine Journal | Racine, Wisconsin | Thursday, May 07, 1896 | Page 9