Sunday Obituary's: The famous Hanlon acrobats

A note to my Hanlon relatives reading this: I do not believe these Hanlons are related.

As I have searched and scoured the internet for information on my Hanlon ancestry, I have found endless articles on the Hanlon acrobats.  And in 1891 there was quite a series of articles about the death of one of the acrobats in Clinton, Iowa...he was  a Hanlon, he was not a Hanlon.  Then one last one that supposedly sets to rest the issue:  "He was a Hanlon, After All" from the Waterloo Daily Courier, Waterloo, Iowa, July 28th, 1891 (thanks to

Waterloo Daily Courier | Waterloo, Iowa | Tuesday, July 28, 1891 | Page 4
 From wikipedia, we have a picture taken of the Hanlon brothers from 1867, photographer, unknown:

There was even a book written about these amazing Hanlons, "The Hanlon Brothers: From Daredevil Acrobatics to Spectacle Pantomime, 1833 - 1931":

This is a snippet from the book description on  "As young men, the Hanlons stunned audiences all over the world with their daring acrobatic feats. After a tragic accident severely injured one brother (and indirectly led to his suicide in a manner achievable only by someone with considerable acrobatic talents), they moved into the safer arena of spectacle pantomime, where they became the rage of Parisian popular theatre. They achieved fame with their uproariously funny and technically astonishing production of Le Voyage en Suisse. After settling permanently in the northeastern United States, they developed two more full-length pantomimes, Fantasma and Superba. The three shows toured for more than thirty years, a testament to their popularity and to the Hanlons’ impressive business acumen."


  1. This is the best obituary I ever read ...."remembered as a person who exuded unconditional love." Inspiring! evertalk


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