Sunday's Obituary: Hanlon in Iowa prior to 1900

As I have mentioned previously: 
"I am soooooooooo stuck on my Hanlon line.  John & his sister Margaret apparently just showed up one day in the 1850s from somewhere in Ireland.  I've even had a male cousin test his dna, I've done my own Family Finder dna test at alas, no answers!

So, why not just start searching for any obit for any Hanlon prior to 1900?  This is the start...I'll look for Hanlons with family names of John, James, Frank & Thomas as well as Mary, Catherine, Margaret and Ellen,  in Iowa in newspapers scanned by  I've used the following words in the search to try and narrow down the results: "dead or death or killed or  obituary or  funeral or  dies or  died or  suicide or  murder or  called" ."

Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette | Cedar Rapids, Iowa | Saturday, January 03, 1891 | Page 1

"John Hanlon, a lineman of St. Louis, grasped a live wire yesterday and was so badly shocked that he fell to the ground and was killed."
I did a search on and did find a record of a John Hanlon, age 35, who died in January, 1891.  He is buried in Calvary Cemetery and Mausoleum, Saint Louis, Missouri.

For this next one, apparently they were in a rush to meet a deadline for the paper as we do not know if he was fatally stabbed:

Waterloo Daily Courier | Waterloo, Iowa | Monday, March 09, 1891 | Page 2
 "John Hanlon, recently of St. Paul, was severely and perhaps fatally stabbed while walkng on the railroad track near West Duluth, by an unknown man."

The next death notice does not indicate where this Hanlon resided:
"Thomas Hanlon, 40 years of age, once a wealthy and influential broker, but recently an employee of the cashier's office of the Mutual Life Insurance Company, committed suicide at his home by shooting himself in the head and left breast."  I searched for a Thomas Hanlon on with a death date in 1894, but did not see anything.

Rolfe Reveille | Rolfe, Iowa | Thursday, August 09, 1894 | Page 7

This notice does not list a first name.  I have searched and but cannot find a Hanlon who died in this time frame:

Sioux County Herald | Orange City, Iowa | Thursday, December 04, 1890 | Page 2


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