Surname Saturday: Daniel O'Connell the Liberator

As a child I was told, as I'm sure anyone with the name of O'Connell in their lineage, that we were descended from Daniel O'Connell.  I have not been able to prove this but I did run across an article about Daniel O'Connell's sons:

Chilton Times | Chilton, Wisconsin | Thursday, July 01, 1858 | Page 2
 This was published in 1858 in the Chilton Times, Chilton, Wisconsin (thanks to for the clipping) :
"Daniel O'Connell, the Liberator, has but two surviving sons left, Morgan, formerly member for Meath and Daniel, the youngest, who sits for the borough of Tralee.  Some twenty years ago, or more, Mr. O'Connell, then in the zenith of his fame used to boast that there were 'eight of us' a very forcible hint to the Minister of that day.  In 1858 but two of that formidable phalanx are surviving, and only one of the name of O'Connell is to be found on the rolls of Parliament.  John, the favorite son of 'the Liberator' died in very straightened circumstances, and has left a large and youthful family almost wholly unprovided for."