Wedding Wednesday: 1925 60th Wedding Anniversary Jones & Duer

From what I understand a reunion is held each year in Wayne County, Iowa for all the descendants of William Jones and his wife Abigail Davis (my great-great-great grandparents).  I've never been invited (yes, that is me whining just a bit) but I do find some interesting tidbits about the family in the newspaper summaries of the events.

During the reunion in 1925, there was an extra special celebration of the 60th wedding anniversary of John Allen Jones (1842-1929) and his wife Sarah Jane Duer (1848-1934).  There were married August 10th, 1865.  The newspaper article hints at what must have been a rash of divorces at that time:

"This day also marked the sixtieth wedding anniversary of John A jones and Sarah J, his wife, which surely is remarkable in this day and age of divorces."

Here is the article from the "Southern Iowa American" out of Centerville, Appanoose County, Iowa, August 13th, 1925: