Early Burials, St. Ambrose Cemetery, Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa

If you are looking for late 1800, early 1900 deaths and burials in the Catholic cemetery, St. Ambrose Cemetery, in Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa, I have just added quite a few, with obituaries,  to FindAGrave.com:

Brennan, Katharine 91543054 b. unknown d. Feb., 1904  
Caffrey, Mary 91502421 b. unknown d. Dec., 1897  
Cassidy, Augustus 91539888 b. unknown d. Apr., 1901  
Cory, Markie 91501454 b. unknown d. Aug., 1897  
Donovan, John 91539531 b. unknown d. Jan., 1901  
Haley, Richard 91538441 b. unknown d. Apr. 1, 1900  
Harrigan, William 91502175 b. unknown d. Dec., 1897  
Hartigan, Michael 91538231 b. 1828 d. Nov., 1899  
Hawkens, Edward 91543432 b. unknown d. Jul., 1907  
Holland, Mary Basquil 91542693 b. Feb. 4, 1830 d. Dec., 1902  
Johnson, George J 91543603 b. unknown d. Oct., 1907  
Johnson, George W 91538689 b. unknown d. May, 1900  
Lalley, Sarah 91540349 b. unknown d. Nov., 1901  
Leonard, John 91501210 b. unknown d. Aug., 1897  
Mahoney, Patrick 91502527 b. unknown d. Mar., 1898  
McHale, Martin 91538051 b. unknown d. Oct., 1899  
Miller, Jonathan D 91542376 b. unknown d. May, 1902  
Murphy, Charles 91501781 b. unknown d. Sep., 1916  
Murphy, Sarah 91538533 b. unknown d. Apr., 1900  
Murphy, Thomas 91538896 b. unknown d. Oct., 1900  
O'Brien, Peter 91539985 b. unknown d. May, 1901  
Rice, Byron 91501553 b. unknown d. Oct., 1897  
Scanlan, Helen 91537372 b. unknown d. Aug., 1899  
Spellman, Hugh 91536944 b. unknown d. Apr., 1899  
Swift, Anthony 91543226 b. unknown d. Aug., 1906  
Welsh, Edward 91537128 b. unknown d. May, 1899  
York, W Jane 91539747 b. unknown d. Apr., 1901


  1. There is a Facebook page called Lost Des Moines. Its people, places & things no longer in DM. Your list reminded me of a post on LDM regarding the restoration of baby graves,at Woodland Cemetery in DM ..by the DAR https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153538875757740&set=gm.10154336124651416&type=3&theater


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