Surname Saturday: Morlan

Sometimes I get a little discouraged researching my family history.  I teach genealogy classes here in Colorado and I do rejoice when my students can document their ancestors back to the 'old' country after listening to my research methods, suggestions and techniques.  I, however, just can't make that jump on any of my lines, and even more frustrating, is when I can't even track the line right here in the United States.    So, let's try running my surnames and see what pops up. 

I have submitted info to (autosomal)  and have had a bunch of matched results - no one from this line, apparently.  I just submitted my dna to the new autosomal test at as well.  Maybe something will pop up here?

I'll start with Morlan (or Moreland, Mooreland, Moorland).  Where the heck did they come from?  I can get back to Tennessee, if you believe some of the old research the Prairie Trails Museum in Corydon, Wayne County, Iowa,  provided (they have some old family histories of residents from Wayne & Appanoose County - GREAT research library!)

Elijah M Morlan (1787 - 1856)
is your 3rd great grandfather
I believe Elijah Morlan was born in Hawkins County, Tennesee, and according to a history of Appanoose County, Iowa which his granddaughter-in-law wrote, Elijah was born in 1787.  There is much discussion how many children Elijah and his bride Mary Boutman had, and where they all ended up.  It is said Elijah and Mary were married and then their first child Henry, was born in Indiana in 1811.  Here is where conflicting info starts popping up.  They say Elijah married Mary Ann Countz in 1839, tho Mary Boutman doesn’t die til 1841.  There are at least 10 family trees on that have copied and recopied this info, but not one lists a source.  Here is a summary of who we think his children are:

Children with Mary Boutman:
  • Henry Morlan (1811-1861)
  • Jonathan Morlan(1813-1863) (though last night a very convincing argument was made that this Jonathan is not related at all to this group of Morlans)
  • William Morlan (1821-1878) My ancestor
  • Silas Morlan (1822-1903) (Again - much discussion as to whether Silas is a son of Elijah).
If this info sounds familiar to you, or we have a possible connection, please let me know!  THANKS IN ADVANCE!

Children with Mary Countz:
William Morlan (1821 - 1878) my 2nd great grandfather
Son of Elijah M (?)
I know for a fact, William Morlan is my great great grandfather from family stories and obituaries.  In a History of Appanoose County from 1878, in a story of A. A. Adams, it mentions his wife, "Mary A. Moreland, daughter of William Moreland, from Putnam County, Indiana, a resident of this township since 1849, until his death in (sic) March 30, 1878; a man highly honored and respected by all who knew him."  I do have his probate record, and know he is buried in Jones Cemetery, Wayne County, Iowa.  Here is a summary of who we think his children are with wife Louisa Jane Jones, 
16 September 1841 in Putnam County, Indiana.

  • Mary Abigail Morlan (1842-1880)
  • Louisa Caroline Morlan (1845-1904)
  • Lucintha Ann Morlan (1849-1912)
  • William Marion Morlan (1851-1930)
  • Belinda Elizabeth Morlan (1853 - 1928)
  • Jonathan Henry Morlan (1856-1940)
  • Martha Jane Morlan (1858-1921)
  • Robert Lewis Morlan (1860-1937)
  • Sarah Matilda Morlan (1862-1899)
  • John Thomas Morlan (1865-18865)
  • Amos Albert Bluford Morlan (adopted) 1866-1948


my great grandfather
Son of William
As we get to the 20th century, more things become clearer, and more info available.  William Marion's obit states: 
"William Marion Morlan, son of William and Jane Morlan, was born on a farm in the northwest part of Appanoose County, October 20, 1851. His parents had permanently located here, having moved from Indiana. When Mr. Morlan grew to manhood he worked with his father on the farm until his marriage, after which he lived in the same vicinity, a part of the time in Wayne county, until in 1912 when he brought his family to Mystic which remained his home.
His marriage in 1871 was to Miss Eveline Awalt and to them 10 children were born, four are deceased: Charlie, Roy, John, and Mamie. The others are Mrs. Cora Cox of Rockford, Ill., Mrs. Ella Jumper of Puxico, Mo., Henry of Dunseith, N. Dak., Mrs. Nellie Milburn, Mrs. Docia Milburn, and Mrs. Clara Elgin of Mystic, Ia.
His companion passed away July 23, 1913, but he kept his own home in association with different members of his family until about four years ago when failing health compelled him to give up and he has since lived with his daughters. For more than three months, in the home of his daughter, Mrs. J. E. Milburn, Mr. Morlan has been confined to his bed resulting in his death January 29, 1930, at the ripe age of 78 years, 3 months and 8 days.
Mr. Morlan was a public-spirited man and held the city office of both councilman and mayor. His parents belong to the Old School Baptist church in their home community and he held to their religious teachings as his denominational preference.
He has 26 grandchildren and 27 great grandchildren, also three surviving brothers: Henry, of Los Angeles, Calif., Robert of Plano, Ia., and Bluford of Monmouth, Ore.
The funeral services were held at the Methodist church in Mystic at 2 p.m., Saturday, conducted by the pastor, James A. Wilson, and burial was in the Elgin cemetery. A goodly number of relatives and friends were present including the following from a distance: W. M. Cox and wife of Rockford, Ill., Robert Morlan and wife of Plano, Ia., Jeffeson Conner, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Robertson of Promise City, Ia., Mr. Tracy Milburn of Harvard, Ill., Mr. Enzley Milburn and wife and two chldren of Ottumwa, Ia., and Mr. Orville Abbott and wife and three children of Moulton,Ia."


  1. My grandmother(Eveline Coates Hoskins) was a neighbor of Marion and Eveline Morlan in Mystic. I think I sent a couple of pictures I found among my grandmother's things to you. One of Marion and Eveline. The other is someone beside Eveline's tombstone. Funny that my grandmother Eveline and your great-grandmother Eveline spelled their names the same way. I think my grandmother changed her name to this spelling as a teenager. I understand your frustration. My Hoskins/Cooley family from Mystic is driving me crazy.

  2. There is a web site that says Elijah's father is Benjamin. But there is no source listed.


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