In Memory of Marie Milburn Kauzlarich - A Family Matriarch

Sometimes families drift apart.  Other times circumstances deem it best they remain apart, but still, news of a family matriarch’s death on the 29th of July 2013 just shy of her 90th birthday, cannot pass without mention.
Marie with her husband Tony Kauzlarich and their first 2 children.

Marie Milburn Kauzlarich was born 20 September 1923 in Mystic, Appanoose County, Iowa, the youngest child of Nellie May Morlan and Joseph Enzely Milburn.

The Milburn siblings and parents in Mystic, Appanoose County, Iowa.  Left to right:  Esther Milburn Hanlon, Mamie Milburn Abbott, mother Nellie Morlan Milburn, Fred Milburn, Marie Milburn Kauzlarich, father Joseph Enzely Milburn.  Missing from picture:  brother Enzley Milburn. 

At age 5, she lost her brother Marion to pneumonia.  This left 2 brothers, Fred and Enzely,  who had moved on to explore the world outside of Mystic, and 2 sisters, Mamie and Esther,  whom she would forever be bound in happiness, in grief, in each other’s lives.

Marie raised quite a family and gathered to herself a broad extended family as well.  She was skilled at crocheting, knitting, and all sorts of crafts for which she and her sisters seemed to compete.

Holidays for me always included Aunt Marie’s homemade yeast rolls.  I can taste them still today, warm from the oven, slathered in butter.  

May you rest in peace, Marie.
May your family find peace as well.

Her obituary can be viewed here:


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