Genealogy Road Trip Day 2: Norton, Norton County, Kansas

The BEST way to learn county locations in Midwestern states (like Kansas) is to travel to those states in tornado season!

Today, two Norton County Kansas Genealogy Society women showed me a good time in local cemeteries (and if you aren't into doing family history research, that statement probably sounds pretty strange!).  I learned how to do 'grave witching' and it really works!  Pretty freaky, but it really works.
Learning to do grave 'witching' or dousing in Furnas County, Nebraska

 They assured me those big, dark clouds weren't going to whisk us away in a remake of the Wizard of Oz.  We also had to visit a country cemetery 'while it was dry'.  A little bit of rain brings flooding pretty quickly in areas that are in a drought.

Tomorrow I will be at the local computer store to see if I can purchase a USB card reader so I can post some of the pics I've been taking.  (Okay, yes, I know my new smart phone will take pictures, but give me a break!  I just learned how to text and use all the apps my neighbor, friends, and cousins have told me I have to have!  Maybe by the end of the trip I will be accomplished with pictures as well.)

Big surprise of the day was learning there is someone with my paternal surname who lives in this town.  I can hardly wait to meet this family.

I attended the St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Norton today. What beautiful stained glass windows.  These pictures just don't do them justice:

 Tomorrow:  Courthouse records.