Genealogy Road Trip Day 4 & 5: St. Paul, Howard County, Nebraska

Who would have thought it would take days to go through all the stuff I accumulated in St. Paul, Howard County, Nebraska?

Well, here is the beginning.  I  added 85 photos to the various cemeteries in Howard County's FindAGrave sites, primarily to Elmwood Cemetery. These are the postings I made for Howard County, Nebraska's message board on
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Obituary: Mary Margaret nee Strehle Supanchick d. November 18, 1918 MidwestAncesT...026 May 2014 8:19AM
October 1918 Many are dying from Spanish Influenza MidwestAncesT...026 May 2014 7:51AM
Why some left St. Paul, Nebraska for Colorado MidwestAncesT...026 May 2014 7:35AM
History of the Farwell Catholic Church, Howard County, NE MidwestAncesT...125 May 2014 8:41PM
Marriage announcement: Paul C Larsen & Helen Brammann 1927 MidwestAncesT...025 May 2014 6:52PM
Obituary: Mrs. John Rochford died August 1927 MidwestAncesT...025 May 2014 6:24PM
Obituary: August Saduski born in Germany 24 November 1857; died 1927 MidwestAncesT...025 May 2014 6:10PM
1927 Obituary William Johnson MidwestAncesT...025 May 2014 6:07PM
Joe Zych, 1927, shot while hunting. Son of Adam Zych MidwestAncesT...025 May 2014 4:36PM
Obituary: March 23 1927, Mattus Sintek 1850-1927 MidwestAncesT...025 May 2014
Marriage of Edna Jacobs and Theodore Tuma MidwestAncesT...025 May 2014
Marriage of Jensen-Vogt about 1927 MidwestAncesT...025 May 2014
John Zeleski Called To His Reward 1918 MidwestAncesT...025 May 2014
St. Paul, Howard County, NE Soldiers Monument MidwestAncesT...025 May 2014
Mrs Francis Crowe Obituary 1918 MidwestAncesT...025 May 2014
Husband & Wife, Fred & Josephine Gass die of influenza MidwestAncesT...025 May 2014
Wedding announcement Martha Bremer and Albert Seibler MidwestAncesT...025 May 2014
Obituary Lynn Ward 1918 MidwestAncesT...025 May 2014
Marriage of Miss Agness Hyde and Mr. A. V. Dixon 1890 MidwestAncesT...025 May 2014
Marriage of Horace G Sealey and Martenia Welsh MidwestAncesT...025 May 2014


  1. Do you have any other information on Lanka family in St Paul, NE ? Larry Safarik


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