Amanuensis Monday: 1919 Junior-Senior Banquet, Mystic High School, Mystic, Appanoose County, Iowa

The 1919 Junior-Senior Banquet for Mystic High School was held the 21st of May 1919.  The opening page contains the Mystic High School "Fight Song":

We're all for you old Mystic High!
With your record always victory!
We're all for you Mystic High
There's no foe can conquer thee,
Schools will rise and schools will fall
But you shall stand in the midst of all
We're all for you old Mystic High
With your banner waving o'er you,
No foe can stand before you,
Hurrah for old Mystic High!

1919 Junior-Senior Banquet, Mystic High School Booklet

Some of the people mentioned in the pamphlet are:
  • Elsie Smith
  • Lizzie Coster
  • Grant Venell
  • Ray Oughton
  • George Carter
  • Opal Hopper
  • Jessie Richardson
  • Clemence Coster
  • Jennie Vandewyngard
  • Garnet LaMasney
  • Grant Vanell
  • Cordelia Lames
  • John LaMasney
  • Ethel Hoskins
  • Isabel Forsyth
  • Ray Oughton
  • Miss Hodyshell
  • Miss Hull
  • Miss Evans
  • Miss Miller