Military Monday: Attention Missouri World War II Veterans

During a road trip last year through Missouri I came across a flyer from the Northwest Missouri Genealogical Society requesting stories from Missouri World War II Veterans:

World War II Veterans

The NWMGS is working to compile information on every soldier from northwest Missouri that served in World War II. The goal is to publish a book in late 2015, preserve the historical information, and share the results online for future generations of researchers.
In January of 1944 the St. Joseph News-Press published a list of nearly 7000 soldiers that were from Buchanan County. In that publication, they also included a call for any missed names, and published them in the subsequent weeks, and included those from the surrounding areas. These lists will serve as the basis of our project. We hope to document what happened to each and every one of them, and need your help.
If you would like to contribute information on the World War II veteran in your family, please fill out the form and send it in. We understand the list is far from complete, so there may be hundreds or thousands of other servicemen to be added.
Can you help us spread the word at your place of worship, place of employment, business or with other groups? We would greatly appreciate ANY help!
WWII Veteran Information Form"

While checking out their project page to see the status of the project, I saw these cute flash drives they are selling:

"Headstone Flash Drive

Show your passion for genealogy with these unique headstone flash drives! Available in both 8GB and 16GB, they are perfect for your every day needs. Buy one for each surname and write directly on the soft surface for a permanent reminder of the contents of each drive. White-out not included - only shown for size reference.RIP is on one side, "Genealogist until the end" is on the other.  [Their order form is a pdf and can be found here.]