Funeral Card Friday: Caldwell Funeral Home Record 1940-1949 Page 14

On a recent trip to the Iowa Genealogical Society Library I came across a book of funeral home records for the Caldwell Funeral Home in Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa.  This specific book (which is not yet available at  These records often contain the names of the parents!  YEA!

A little background:  The Caldwell Funeral Home was known as the Caldwell Brien Funeral Home at 23rd and University, Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa,  when I was growing up during the 1960s.  They then added a location at 82nd and Hickman in Urbandale, Iowa, changed their name to Caldwell Raddatz Funeral Home, and now (2015) are known as Caldwell-Parrish Funeral Home.

The transcriptions of the funeral home records were done by Joyce E. Brown, who I believe was a volunteer at the Iowa Genealogical Society.

I thought I might try and match up some of the funeral records with FindAGrave pages OR pages. (FindAGrave does not permit attaching anything like this to the FindAGrave Memorial).  Hope someone finds this and future postings from this book useful.  I had only copied a few pages.  Sometime soon I am guessing the entire book will be scanned by

Harry J Berry (Son of Samuel Berry and Hannah McNally, wife: Elizabeth Berry.)

James W Holland (not related to my family's Hollands) (Son of Michael Holland and Mary Baskill, wife:  Mary Holland)

Marshall J Miller (Son of Marshall H Miller and Bessie Roarke, wife: Edith Miller)

Mrs. Martha Kelley Wells (Daughter of Charles Kelley; husband:  Joseph Wells)

Philemene Rusch (There is no FindAGrave Page nor page) (Daughter of Unknown Barbish and Unknown Rupp)