Military Monday: "The Great War": Military Registration Cards from Camp Dodge, Polk County, Iowa (John E. O'Connell born in Des Moines, Iowa)

This is my final "Military Monday" series of cards from Camp Dodge, Iowa until I can make it back to the Midwest to scan some more.

During a visit to the Gold Star Museum at Camp Dodge, Polk County, Iowa, I found their library had thousands of registration cards from World War I.  I scanned about 30 of them for names in my family tree (not necessarily related).  I have not found these in any database, anywhere online.

This card is for John E. O'Connell who was 26 years and 7 months old at the time of his induction at Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa on the 5th of April 1918.  John was born in Des Moines, Iowa, but at the time of his induction was living in Urbandale (a suburb of Des Moines).

(Although I have a relative named John E. O'Connell, I do not think this one is him.)

Have not been able to find the correct FindAGrave Page to match this John O'Connell.


  1. These are not military registration cards per se, they are index card to the bonuses paid to World War I soldiers by the state of Iowa. If you find someone in this card index, the Iowa State Archives holds the Bonus Board Case Files in which more information might be found. Many states provided bonuses for their soldiers for World War I, as well as World War II, and other wars. Most of these are not digitized but housed in individual state repositories. Sometimes cards were made for every soldier known to have served from the state in preparation for their claims, or sometimes cards were only made as soldiers applied, so depending on the state and the protocol, these may be complete records of the soldier serving from the state. I do not know offhand the protocol used in Iowa, but I am sure it can be found in the state statutes.

    1. THANKS, Michael! I appreciate the additional info!


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