Surname Saturday: Passage & Phelan

Mary Ellyn Brady Cooper (1927-1015) was an enthusiastic and prolific family researcher before computers.  I have acquired some of her papers and will be publishing them for the benefit of her extended family.

These 3 photos were is a envelope labeled "Passage" :
This first photo was identified as Charles Philip Phelan (1897-1973) with grandson Charles Glenn 'Mickey' Passage (1939-1984)
This 2nd photo was identified as Jack Passage (1947-2000)

The 3rd photo is not identified.  I would take a wild guess that it is Charles Phelan's daughter, Rose Marie Phelan who married Albert Passage and is the mother of Jack and Mickey Passage.


  1. The first photo is of my g. grandfather and my uncle. Jack Passage is my father. Please email me with any info on the Phelan side. Thank you .


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