For my DNA Matches

Hopefully this page will help all those DNA matches who show up as cousins but do not have public trees or any tree.

What follows are 3 pedigree charts.
  • HANLON-O'CONNELL-BRADY-DALY-CLANCY-FITZGERALD Pedigree (my father's Irish line. . .100% Irish) 
  • MILBURN-SEAMAN-ROSS-ATHERTON-McNUTT-LYNDE-SMITH(my maternal grandfather's line. . .English, Scottish, Scotch-Irish)
  • MORLAN-AWALT-OCKERMAN-JONES-TIPPS-ADAMS-DAVIS=BOUTMAN (English, German, Dutch, and some unknown)(Awalt & Tipps are well documented DAR lines)
Following these links will open a pdf  descendant chart for the oldest lines I can identify.  
  • Hanlon (Associated families: Finnegan, Boyle)
  • O'Connell (only 2 generations showing due to privacy of living people)
  • Brady Although I do not the parents' names, I do know most the siblings.  Any help would be appreciated on this line from County Cavan, Ireland. (Associated families: Hickey, Partland, Maloney, Barr, Holland)
  • Milburn (some branches of family spell the name MILLBURN) Much of this information was garnered from the Millburn Connection newsletters, and verified with census and SSDI records and obituaries.
  • Morlan
  • McNutt (many books and trees have listed descendants of the McNutts who settled Nova Scotia.  Due to naming similarities this has been a tricky line to get right - if you find errors, please let me know!)
  • Awalt (DAR line fairly well documented)(Associated families: Limbaugh, yes THAT Limbaugh!  :-) )
  • Ockerman
  • Jones
  • Ross Dr. William Ross founded the Methodist church in Iowa.
HANLON Pedigree
MILBURN Pedigree
MORLAN Pedigree