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19 October 2016

15 October 2016

For my DNA Matches

Hopefully this page will help all those DNA matches who show up as cousins but do not have public trees or any tree.

What follows are 3 pedigree charts.
  • HANLON-O'CONNELL-BRADY-DALY-CLANCY-FITZGERALD Pedigree (my father's Irish line. . .100% Irish) 
  • MILBURN-SEAMAN-ROSS-ATHERTON-McNUTT-LYNDE-SMITH(my maternal grandfather's line. . .English, Scottish, Scotch-Irish)
  • MORLAN-AWALT-OCKERMAN-JONES-TIPPS-ADAMS-DAVIS=BOUTMAN (English, German, Dutch, and some unknown)(Awalt & Tipps are well documented DAR lines)
Following these links will open a pdf  descendant chart for the oldest lines I can identify.  
  • Hanlon (Associated families: Finnegan, Boyle)
  • O'Connell (only 2 generations showing due to privacy of living people)
  • Brady Although I do not the parents' names, I do know most the siblings.  Any help would be appreciated on this line from County Cavan, Ireland. (Associated families: Hickey, Partland, Maloney, Barr, Holland)
  • Milburn (some branches of family spell the name MILLBURN) Much of this information was garnered from the Millburn Connection newsletters, and verified with census and SSDI records and obituaries.
  • Morlan
  • McNutt (many books and trees have listed descendants of the McNutts who settled Nova Scotia.  Due to naming similarities this has been a tricky line to get right - if you find errors, please let me know!)
  • Awalt (DAR line fairly well documented)(Associated families: Limbaugh, yes THAT Limbaugh!  :-) )
  • Ockerman
  • Jones
  • Ross Dr. William Ross founded the Methodist church in Iowa.
HANLON Pedigree
MILBURN Pedigree
MORLAN Pedigree

12 October 2016

05 October 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Marriage Certificate for Clara Morlan and Carl Elgin

19 May 1910, Mystic, Appanoose County, Iowa, USA  marriage of Clara Morlan and Carl Elgin
19 May 1910, Mystic, Appanoose County, Iowa, USA  marriage of Clara Morlan and Carl Elgin